We care so much about this topic that we made it a primary citizen on our website.

Your data is too precious to
live in a random cloud.

“When I sold the first Cloud deal in the Southeast at Microsoft back in 2010, the single biggest hurdle was to convince customers about data privacy. But it wasn’t that they didn’t believe in infrastructural security. The hurdle was perception and getting all internal stakeholders to agree”.

-Piyush Saggi, CEO, SalesTing

We have built SalesTing with Data Privacy & Security (DPS) as the underlying foundation, not an afterthought. From the very first line of code we wrote, we knew there was one principle that was going to be our bedrock.

Sales & Marketing have had to choose between nimble software that IT and Legal hate or super-long delays and objections to get approvals from IT and Legal.
It doesn’t have to be that way.

For advanced Machine Learning algorithms to work, a lot of data needs to be fed into the mathematical models. In most cases, these algorithms reside in public Clouds to leverage the infrastructural elasticity provided by public Clouds. For many B2B companies, the advantages of these advanced algorithms are eclipsed by the effort and risk of putting data in a public Cloud.
It doesn’t have to be that way.

We’re so obsessed with DPS that we decided to change the game. While we have all the certifications imaginable and use infrastructure provided by certified vendors, we wanted to offer a unique product to our clients who don’t want their data in a public Cloud or who want quick results without spending months & years getting internal approvals from IT and Legal. And, we wanted to empower Sales & Marketing so they can boldly use our product in compliance with their company’s policies. Software should bring people and teams closer together. Business users shouldn’t have to live in the shadows in order to use products they want but that are not compliant.

We offer public and private Cloud, as well as on-premise versions of our product so that we can get our clients to their destination faster and in a fully-compliant manner. You should never have to compromise on this topic.

We’re grateful to our clients in security, healthcare and financial services industries for giving us their trust and business. We’re delighted that we can serve them without compromising on their DPS requirements.

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