It's OK if your reps don't enter much in CRM.

Our Growth AI engine takes in your existing, dead data and injects life into your pipeline. Let technology do the unproductive work.

Visualize Deal Progress

Visualize the journey of an opportunity and let our Growth AI engine identify patterns for you.

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Persona Charts

Are we spending energy with the right people?
Without any manual data input, see if the right personas are engaged in the pipeline. Static orgs charts are so 1998.

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Deal Confidence Indicator

Our Growth AI engine is constantly monitoring deals for you so you are prepared & informed about deals at risk. Monday Mornings will never be the same again.

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Automated Win/Loss Journey Report

Win rates increase by 14.2% when win/loss reviews are conducted regularly. They've been a pain to do so we automated it. See how and why deals were won/lost without lifting a finger.

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Account & Opportunity-based Marketing

SalesTing's Growth AI engine collects data from all the sales tools your company has to make Marketing accountable & effective. We show you where to focus Marketing dollars to create more Growth Moments.

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Data Privacy

We have built SalesTing with Data Privacy & Security (DPS) as the underlying foundation, not an afterthought. Our products are available in both highly-secure Public and Private Cloud options. It's good to have certifications. It's better to give our customers full ownership with no strings attached.

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