Actions by Buyers, Marketing, Inside/Outside Sales
effortlessly tied together.

Visualize Account Journeys

Buyers interact via multiple channels at the same time. Spend less time switching between reports and dashboards, more time on the real journeys that your buyers are taking.

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Understand Content Journeys

Which content journeys are more likely to convert prospects to customers in the shortest amount of time?
SalesTing helps you increase conversion and shorten your sales cycle by understanding the paths that are performing the best.
Before you create more content, we tell you what will perform better.

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Milestone-based Alerts

Certain buyer actions need immediate reactions. Notify a sales rep or auto-update a future campaign list. Alerts can update CRM or go to an email address.

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Win/Loss Journeys

SalesTing combines all sales and marketing touchpoints so you don't have to manually build win/loss pictures and reports.
Immortalize that heroic win with a picture worthy of your CEO's wall.

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