Our Products

Effortlessly combine dead data from existing sales tools to identify win/loss recipes and create more growth moments. No need to roll out a new tool or new sales process (aka burden).

We believe in simplicity.
And offer two product options.

What you get?

Visual Dashboard

See Account & Opportunity heartbeat, Win/Loss journey and more out of the box. The dashboard is available where you are - Salesforce.com or your browser.

Distilled Data

Our data feeds into your existing reports in CRM and Excel to become a part of your workflows. We want customers to get immediate value without spending months creating new reports and workflows.

Answers Beyond Reports

The most important thing that matters is answers to business questions. Our advanced AI engine combined with our brilliant team gives you the answers you need in simple English language. Because answers, not reports, fuel growth.



Small companies or small teams at large companies

that want to convert data lying dead in existing email systems to a growth opportunity.

Typical launch time < 1 hour

  • No CRM needed.
  • No SSO needed.
  • Private or Public Cloud.
  • Insanely Secure.
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Companies that want integration with their current systems.

Free & paid integrations available.

Super-easy deployment.

  • CRM, MA & Email integration.
  • No SSO needed.
  • Private or Public Cloud.
  • Insanely Secure.
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