Why SalesTing?

Beyond feature mumbo-jumbo, here are some good reasons why you should choose SalesTing

The vendors you choose are a reflection of your values.

Our Focus on Complex Sales

We only serve companies with more than ten reps and sales cycles longer than thirty days. Companies in this category have unique challenges and subtleties that others doesn't grasp. Our enterprise background (Microsoft and Salesforce.com) gives us a perspective that only comes by carrying a quota and working in a complex environment.

Guaranteed Win For You

Most B2B Sales and Marketing tools fail to show any results because of two reasons. First, it takes awfully long to get things deployed because they are so complex. Second, users never adopt most tools. We built our company and our products with a huge focus on minimizing deployment times and eliminating adoption curves. That's why there are so few buttons to click :)

AI Beyond Hype

We do truly remarkable things under the hood and use a mix of tech paradigms and algorithms. We understand the potential and limitations of AI, and focus on delivering on our product promises more than anything else. The proximity and collaboration with Georgia Tech keeps us at the cutting edge.

An Unwavering Commitment to Results

Being a small, focused company gives us the freedom to deliver results we promise. We added the "Just give us the damn answer" capability to eliminate every excuse that comes in the way of success and growth.

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